Tuesday, 19 May 2009

the heat settles on the city like a blanket of fire. often seems there is no escape... our days in Dharavi are over as of yesterday. The layers of information immense as we embark on the last lap of our time in Mumbai. For the compiling and production phase we have moved our daily workbase to KRVIA, our academic partner. Two very important meetings today in a visit to HOK's Mumbai office and a visit from Sheela Patel to the hotel. The meeting with Sheela went very well. Sheela is very informed and strong in her convictions and experience. It was great to have her in a more intimate setting and really try to dig deeper into specifics, especially in light of testing our thoughts on observations and proposal scenarios. Having this last chance to get her position on different issues should help us this week as we process and culminate our research and visions. I feel we are in a good spot, though of course there is much to do with so little time. Hope we can maintain composure...
- William 19 May 2009

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