Monday, 11 May 2009


"as long as i can have water coming out of the tap and a toilet in my private space then I has nothing to complain about"
Our work in Dharavi has started, everyday the stories we hear from its inhabitants give us more clues to decipher yet superficial relations between the complex web of actors.
We've been interviewing the households that inhabit Rajiv Indira building, the very first project perhaps in the world were slum dwellers turned into developers of their own space, adapting themselves from a horizontal way of living to a vertical one.
Our findings, full of contrasts from one household to the other, unveil a new lifestyle, a new adaptation to work from home but with the absence of the street right in front of their door, without noisy neighbours, children running and screaming, horns and chaos everywhere. The challenge is perhaps a trade-off between horizontal social interactions and vertical basic needs.
Gynna from Mumbai

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