Saturday, 23 May 2009

As we finished our field works, we are now based in KRVIA to work on the design proposal. Dharavi, the biggest slum in Asia, never give me a sense of slum. In fact, it is a place for business and livelihoods. So many shops and industries in this piece of land. People are friendly and willing to talk to us. Actually, they are more than happy to share us their views. It’s surprising that they are very satisfied with the environment and are very reluctant to changes. We should also bare in mind not to apply our own perception on their living or working condition. But it is difficult to avoid given that we have such a little understanding on their norms and local culture. It is however the interest part of the exercise, getting a whole picture of what their life is like. That may takes some time to adapt the Indian culture. Now I learn to say yes with head shaking. The people we interviewed always shake hand with only me because in their culture they could only shake hands with male. (I know Dabeshi is jealous :P )

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