Saturday, 6 June 2009

At home as a stranger....

The journey of a Lifetime.
“Madam you are from which country?”
I hated this question…everytime it was asked to me. Myself and Pooja being the only native in the team were often mistaken.(I see no reason of doing that although..we perfectly look Indian.)But this question reminded me everytime of my purpose of being here with a team of 40 other students from different countries.I was back in my country after 8 months but not for a family visit but with a purpose.
My concerns about the trip....
The destination Mumbai for the field trip has been a bit concerning for me from the very beginning.I was concerned for all my classmates after the 26/11 /09 attack on Mumbai.I was apprehensive about their safety during the elections and their ability to adjust in the new climate.Today I must say I ‘am happy that we went there with a group of varied cultural background to introduce them to a culture,climate and people which have touched their lives for sure.Looking into the city with multlicultural team made me think differently about a lot of things(including cows..). I must congratulate all of them for making it so wonderful and memorable.Although the trip gets over here…the learning and the happy memories goes beyond!


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